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Instruction Courses

Course 1

Optic Neuropathies

Moderator: Mohamed El Sebaey, MD.

Ahmed EL-Shafey , MD. : DD of optic neuropathies.

Sherief Kamel, MD. : Clinical presentations of optic neuropathies with different etiologies.

Esam El Matboly , MD. : Recommendations for management.

Amr Hassan , MD. : Diagnosis and management of MS with optic neuritis.

Course 2

Corneal Imaging

Moderator: Maged Maher

Ahmed Khattab: How to read the pentacam.

Sherine S Wahba: Clinical applications of corneal tomography.

Basem Fayez: Basics of Specular Microscopy.

Wesam Salem: Anterior segment OCT: When and how.



Course 3

Pediatric Glaucoma

Moderator: Iman El-Hefny

Farid Wagdy (Menofia): Goniotomy and trabeculotomy in pediatric glaucoma.

Yasmin El-Sayed (Cairo): Pediatric valve complications.

Nader Bayomy (Alex University): Galucoma after congenital cataract surgery.

Iman El-Hefny (Mansoura): Trabeculectomy in pediatric glaucoma; when and how to do.


Course 4

Retinal & optic disc imaging in the modern era

Moderator: Karim Raafat

Prof Zeinab El Sanabary: OCT angiography of the  optic nerve head.

Prof Magdy Mousa: OCT angiography in retinal vascular diseases.

Prof Karim Raafat: OCT angiography in diagnosis and follow up of AMD.

Prof Nihal Adel Hassan: OCT angiography in high myopia.

Dr Tarek Hemida: Fundus autofluorescence.


Course 5

Uveitis Case Study Approach

Moderator: Mohamed Abdel Azim

Iman Abdel Latif (Alex): Messages through cases.

Osama Raslan: Stick to the rules uveitis advocate. 

Mohamed Abdel Azim: 4 mysteries.

Dina Baddar: Common trends in infectious uveitis. 

Course 6

Phaco with the experts

Moderator: prof Fathy Fawzy

Part 1: Fine tuning of manual phacoemulsification skills

Basem Fayez: Phaco-dynamics

Basem Fayez: Wound construction

Ahmed Mostafa Ismail: Capsulorhexsis

Ahmed Assaf: Hydro-dissection.

Fathy Fawzy: Soft cataract.

Ramy Riad, Ahmed Assaf & Ashraf Armia: Nuclear management (divide and conquer, horizontal chop and vertical chop)

Nader Fawzy: Irrigation Aspiration and polishing of anterior and posterior capsule.

Abdalla Hassona: IOL implantation.

Yosry Yossef: Viscoelastic choice & wound closure.


Part 2: Challenging cases

Hesham Samy: Congenital cataract.

Fathy Fawzy: White cataract.

Basem Fayez: Posterior Polar Cataract.

Ahmed Assaf: Subluxation.

Ramy Riad: Small pupil.

Nader Fawzy: Toric alignment.

Abdallah Hassouna: Hard Cataract


Course 7

Glaucoma Filtering surgeries; state of the art

Moderator: Tharwat Mokbelm, Amr Saleh & Sadek Maaly

Amr Saleh: Basics of subscleral trabeculectomy.

Prof. Nadeem Hafeez Butt (Pakistan): Trabeculectomy....Do's and Dont's

Prof. Syed Imtiaz Ali (Pakistn): causes and management of bleb failure

Prof Tarek Eid: Surgical modifications of trabeculectomy operation.

Ahmed Yosry El-Karmoty: XEN implant from A- Z, & improvement of success rate.


Course 8

Intravitreal Injections in adults and children; advanced knowledge

Moderator: prof Alaa Fathy

Ashraf El-Habbak: Intravitreal augmented diabetic vitrectomy.

Walid Abdel Ghaffar: Preoperative anti-VEGF; what, when and why.

Alaa Fathy: anti-VEGF injection in vitrectomized eyes.
Esraa Diab: Intravitreal injection during pregnancy; to inject or not to inject; that is the question.
Haytham Taher: what about ocular perfusion?
Mohamed Hanafy: adverse events associated with injection of anti-VEGF agent.
Amr Khafagy: intracameral ranibizumab with subsequent MMC trabeculectomy in neovascular glaucoma.
Mariam El-Feky: intravitreal injections in ROP.



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