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Main Hall Scientific Program

Thursday 18 Jan 2018


Young Ophthalmologist Syposium

Chair: El-Sayyed Elewa, Omar El Shabrawy, Tarek El-Beltagy

1.Fei Li : Visual Field Based Automatic Diagnosis of Glaucoma Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network.
2.Sara Abdel Gawad: 23 G pars plana lensectomy and anterior vitrectomy for management of congenital cataract.
3.Reem Osama: Vitreo-retinal surgery for the novice: The start of a perilous road.
4.Ahmed Farag: Effect of intraoperative intravitreal injection of triamcinolon acetonide after phacoemulsification on diabetic macular edema.
5.Maha El-Sharkawy: Uveitic Glaucoma.
6.Ahmed El Nagdy: impact of non-SAID on prevention of macular edema after phacoemulsification in diabetic patients.
7.Haytham Taher: OCT prognostic factors in DME.



9.45-10.45: Symposium 1: Scleral Buckling in Contemporary Retinal Surgery.
–Moderator: Prof Amin Zayed.
–Prof AL Siam.
–Prof Khalid EL-Rakhawy.
–Prof Sherief Embabi.

10.45 – 11.00: Guest speaker lecture: Lezheng Wu (China): Anti inflammation in age related CNV.

11.00- 12.00: Symposium 2: Medical Retina: Latest Updates  (Organized by the Egyptian Vitreo-Retinal Society)

Chair: Omar Rashed, Sherif Karawia,&Yasser Serag.                  

    Moderated by Magdy Mousa

Mohammed Sharaf : OCTA as a visual biomarker in DME.

Tarek Hemida: OCT as a visual biomarker in AMD.

Zinab Elsanabary: OCTA in retinal Vascular disorders.

Magdy Moussa: Wide Field OCTA; is it really helpful?.

Karim Adly: OCT in Vitreoretinal interface disorders .

12.00-12.20: Keynote lecture: Prof Sherief Sheta: Surgery of the ILM (20 min)

12.20-13.30: Symposium 3: Challenging Vitreoretinal Surgical cases; What to do next?  (Organized by the Egyptian Vitreo-Retinal Society)
Moderator: Ayman Khattab , Mohamed Moghazy

Ashraf Shaarawy, MD.

Ayman Khattab , MD.

Samir El Baha , MD.

Amr Azab , MD.

Mohamed Moghazy , MD.

Wael Soliman , MD.

Ahmed El Sawy , MD.


Guest Spear Lecture

Lezheng Wu:  International ophthalmological exchanges and the friendship between Chinese and Egyptian ophthalmologists.


Cataract & Anterior Segment Surgery

Chair: Saeed Gomaa, Gamal Abdel Latif & Fekry Zaher

Moderator Prof Fathy Fawzy

1.Prof Khalid Mansour: Anterior capsule contraction. 
2.Prof Alaa El-Zawawy: Value of femtosecond laser in hard cataract.
3.Prof Fathy Fawzy: Visual rehabilitation after major eye injuries.
4.Prof Yehia Salah: Dealing with the challenges.
5.Prof A Assaf: Various techniques for IOL fixation without capsular support.
6.Hatem Ammar: Lens subluxation; one problem, different solutions.
7. Ashraf Armia: Iris repair and pupil reconstruction in complex cases.
8- Mohamed Hosny, MD: Refractive surprises after cataract surgery.


Guesst Speaker Lectures

Prof D Ramamurthy: Perfect Capsulorhexsis.

Prof D Ramamurthy: Corneal Cross-Linking update


Chair: Ahmed Abo El-Einin, Bahgat Awad & Tharwat Mokbel

1.Guest Speaker lecture: Prof. Nadeem Hafeez Butt: Target IOP and Beyond
2.Guest Speaker lecture: Prof. Sayed Imtiaz Ali: Normal Tension Glaucoma
3.Guest Speaker lecture: Prof. Xiulan Zhang: Surgical techniques and pearls in trabeculectomy
Panel Discussion: Decision-making in glaucoma

Moderator: Adel Abdel-Shafik

– Ahmed Abo EL-Einin

- Mostafa Nassar
–Hany EL Ebiary
–Ayman El-Shiaty.
–Ahmed Khalil




Friday 19 Jan 2018



Chair: Dalal Shawky, Abdel Khalik El-Saadany & Hesham Khattab

Moderator: Ibrahim El Adawy

11.Momen Hamdi: A Complex case of post-traumatic paralytic squint.
2.Ahmad Taha: Synergistic divergence; do we really know it.
3.Hesham Khattab: Surgical modification for 6th nerve palsy.
4.Lobna khazbak: Proper means success 
5.Mahmoud Rageh: How to create postoperative comitance in advanced strabismus due to thyroid.
6.Ibrahim Eladawy: Unusual case of Browen' syndrome


Pediatric Cataract Challenges

Chair: Hussein Ali Hussein, Mohamed El Sada & Hosny Hassan

Moderator: Adel El-Layeh

1.Prof Adel El-Layeh: Pediatric Cataract Surgery, few steps towards perfection.
2.Prof Mohamed EL-Sada: Achieving the best results in pediatric anterior segment reconstruction. How and Why
3.Hussein Ali Hussein; MD: management of pediatric aphakia.
4.Prof Nihal El-Shakankiri: Microspherophakia; an ocular emergency in children.
5.Mohamed Gameel; MD: The role of optic capture in pediatric cataract surgery.


Keynote lecure: Tarek Katamish: One donor graft for two surgeries.

Syposium 1: Keratoconus, Changing the concepts

Chair: Osama Ibrahim, Ashraf Swelam & Ahmed El Masry

1.Keynote lecure: Osama Ibrahim: Corneal cross linking: changing concepts over 10 years.
2.Keynote lecure: Prof Ashraf Swelam: Clinical outcomes of new asymmetric intra-corneal ring segments in treatment of keratoconus.
3.Keynote lecure: A El Masry: Keratoconus and thyrotoxicosis.


Syposium 2 : Facing the Challenges of Keratoplasty

Chair: Mervat Salah, Heshfam Fawzy & Ezz El-Din Galal.

1.Bade Ogundipe: Challenges of Keratoplasties in Nigeria
2.Bade Ogundipe: Prospects of Stem Cell Science in Ocular Surface in West Africa
3.Mahmoud Ismael: Endothelial implantation … a dream might become true.
4.Ihab Fahmy: My adventures in triple surgery.
5.Sherief Hosny: DALK; overcoming difficult situations.
6. Tamer El-Raggal: Challenges in pediatric keratoplasty.
7. Mohamed Kabil: Corneo-scleral graft as an effective tool in major anterior segment reconstruction.
8. Mouamen Seleet: Different plans and intraocular lenses for managing aphakia with corneal grafting



Guest Speaker Lecture

Ahmed El-Karmouty:Uveitic Glaucoma.

Ahmed El-Karmouty: Challenges in putting a shunt in pediatric glaucoma”.


Refractive Surgery Excellency Symposium

Chair: Hussein EL Nahhas. Tarek Radwan, Mohammed Bassam

1.Osama Ibrahim: Corneal biomechanics after LASIK and SMILE
2.Mohamed Shafik: “Will SMILE relpace LASIK?” the myth vs the truth.
3.Alaa Eldanasory: Femtolasik vs. femto SMILE
4.Alaa Eldanasory: Trifocal IOLs, clinical results.
5.Mohamed Bassam: Non infectious interface dilemma after LASIK
6.Tamer Gamaly: Bioptics; the way to go.
7.Osama El Nahrawy: Measuring and quantification of complications of laser vision correction techniques, a novel approach.
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