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The second winter meeting of the AACO 8-9 Dec 2016

Firmont Heliopolis Hotel

Egypt - Cairo






AACO Second Winter Meeting Agenda

Ophthalmology Update


President AACO: Prof Pran Nagpal

President of the Congress: Prof Tharwat Mokbel

General Secretary AACO & Secretary of the Congress: Prof Tarek Mamoun


Thu 8 Dec 2016:



9.00 – 9.30

Opening Remarks

9.30– 10.30

Session I: Uveitis: What is new

10.30 – 1.00

Session II: Retina hot topics (Organized by the Egyptian Vitreo-Retinal Society)

Symposium 1: (10.30 – 11.30): Medical retina updates.

Symposium 2: (11.30 – 1.00 pm): Challenging cases in vitreo-retinal surgery.

1.00 – 1.30

Coffee Break


1.30 - 3.30

Session III: Cataract surgery hot topics

Keynote Lecture (1.30 – 1.45): “Pearls for removal of cataract of different hardness”.

Symposium 1 (1.45 – 2.45 pm): Cataract Extraction with Co-existing problems

Symposium 2 (2.45 – 3.30 pm): FLACS

3.30 – 4.00

Bausch and Lomb break

4.00 – 6.00

Session IV: Glaucoma management up to date.

6.00 – 7.30

Session V: Challenges in pediatric ocular surgery






Fri 9 Dec 2016

9.00 – 10.15

Session VI: Oncology: Daily practice cases


10.15 – 11.30

Session VII: Oculoplastic Surgery; where we are

11.30 – 12.30

Gomaa Pray

12.30 – 1.00

Coffee Break

1.00 – 1.30

Bausch & Lomb session

1.30 – 4.00

Session VIII: Cornea up to date

Symposium 1 (1.30 – 2.20 pm): Lamellar corneal surgery

Symposium 2 (2.20 – 3.10 pm): Keratoconus up to date.

Symposium 3 (3.10 – 4.00 pm): Serious corneal conditions


4.00 – 6.30

Session IV: Refractive surgery

Debate Session (4.00-4.30): SMILE vs LASIK

Symposium (4.30 – 6.30): Targeting Excellency in Refractive Surgery





Session I: Uveitis; what is new

Chair Persons: Prof Osama Raslan, Prof Khaled Selim, Prof Karim Raafat

1.     Karim Raafat , MD: Multimodal imaging in uveitis.

2.     Iman Abdel Latif , MD: Clinical approach to uveitis associated with rheumatological diseases.

3.     Osama Raslan , MD: AZOOR. A complex disorder. A case for discussion.

4.     Teresa Kamel, MD: Update on uveitis.



Session II: Retina

Symposium 1. Medical retina update

Chair persons: Prof Abdel Latif Siam, Prof Omar Rashed, Prof Magdy Mousa

1.     Zeinab Elsanabary , MD: The added value of en-face OCT in interpretation of OCTA.

2.     Alaa Fathy , MD: Sub-threshold laser in various retinal disorders.

3.     Mohammed Sharaf , MD: Swept Source OCT Angiography in Choroidal neovascular membranes.

4.     Maha Shahin, MD: Tomographic and angiographic findings in Behcet’s posterior uveitis.

5.     Magdy Moussa , MD: OCT Angiography in retinal vascular disorders.


Symposium 2: Challenging cases in vitreo-retinal surgery

Chair persons: Prof Amin Zayed, Prof Ashraf Shaarawy, Prof Ayman Khattab, Prof Mohamed Moghazy

1.     Amr Azab , MD:

a.     Free ILM flap for a challenging macular hole case.

b.    Management of massive sub-macular  hemorrhage.

2.     Ashraf Shaarawy , MD:

a.     Management of recurrent PVR after localized retinectomy

b.    Exploration of the cause of recurrent RD after successful GRT surgery.

3.     Ayman Khattab , MD:

a.     Haemophthalmos after PPV for rhegmatogenous RD.

b.    Management of RD and posterior dislocation of IOL.

4.     Mohamed EL Baradey , MD:

a.     A case of recurrent traumatic RD with severe PVR in a young boy.

b.    A case of longstanding ERM in a young female.

5.     Mohamed Moghazy , MD:

a.     Challenging cases of PVR.

6.     Tarek Mamoun , MD:

a.     One case, several challenges.


Session III: Cataract Surgery

Keynote Lecture: Pearls for removal of cataract of different hardness

Prof Ashraf Swelam

Symposium 1: Cataract Extraction with Co-existing problems

Chair: Prof Hussesin Ali Hussein, Prof Ahmed Mostafa Ismail, Prof Fekry Zaher

1.     Hussein Ali Hussein, MD: Surgical management of astigmatism for cataract patients; preoperative tools and diagnostics.

2.     Ashraf Armia, MD: Safe land with challenging cases, is it possible?

3.     Ahmed El-Masry, MD: Phaco in special situations (previous lasik, RK, keratoconus and compromised endothelium.

4.     Alaa El Zawawi, MD: Phacoemulsification in a short eye.

5.     Osama El Nahrwy, MD: Artificial iris implantation.


Symposium 2: FLACS

Chair: Prof Ahmed Osman, Prof Hesham Fawzy, Prof Ahmed El Masry

1.     Ahmed El Masry, MD: Challenging cases in FLACS

2.     Hazem Kandil, MD: FLACS: is it here to stay?

          3.     Momen Hamdi, MD: Switching to FLACS; mode safety.


Session IV: Glaucoma Up to Date

Chair Persons: Prof Ahmed Abo El Einin, Prof Tharwat Mokbel, Prof Ayman EL Shiaty

1.     Tharwat Mokbel, MD: Co-regulation of IOP and ocular blood flow in POAG.

2.     Ahmed Mostafa Abdel Rahman, MD: Exploring the non trabeculectomy options in patients with advanced disease.

3.     Mohamed El Basty, MD: Complications of Ahmed Valve.

4.     Adel Abdel Shafik, MD: Evaluation of the bleb.

5.     Mostafa Nassar, MD: Endoscopic cyclo-photo-coagulation.

6.     Ahmed Khalil, MD: Insights into angle surgery and its ongoing roles in treating congenital glaucoma.

7.     Eman EL Hefny, MD: Ologen implants in pediatric glaucoma.

8.     Hany El Ebiary: Update on laser treatment of glaucoma.


Session V: Pediatric Ophthalmology

Challenges in Pediatric Ocular Surgery

Chair: Prof Mohamed El Sada, Prof Adel El-Layeh

1.     Mohamed EL-Sada , MD: Achieving the best results in pediatric ophthalmic surgery.

2.     Hala El-Helali , MD: Management of subluxated lenses in children.

3.     Adel El Layeh, MD: Pediatric cataract challenges.

4.     Nihal El-Shakankiri , MD: Management of posterior capsule during pediatric cataract surgery.

5.     Ibrahim Eladawy , MD: Challenging cases of strabismus.

6.     Hesham Khattab , MD: Brown syndrome, self disappearance.

Session VI: Oncology

Daily practice cases in oncology

Chair Person: Ihab Saad Othman, MD.

·        Panelists:

a.     Othman Ziko, MD.

b.    Maher Assem, MD.

c.      Hesham Ali Hesham, MD.

d.    Sherine Hassan, MD.


Session VII: Oculoplastic Surgery

Ophthalmic plastic surgery, where we are

Chair Person: Prof Sheriff Elwan, Prof Ezz El Din Galal.

1.     Sheriff Elwan , MD: Blepharoplasty.

2.     Ashraf EL-Desoky , MD: Orbital surgery.

3.     Maher Assem , MD: Orbital imaging.

4.     Hesham Idris , MD:  Lacrimal outflow surgery

5.     Hatem Ayman , MD: Lacrimal gland surgery.



Session VIII: Cornea

Symposium 1: Lamellar Corneal Surgery

Chair persons: Prof Mervat Salah, Prof Mohamed El Sebaey, Consultant Sheriff Hosny

1.     Sheriff Hosny, MD: Femto lamellar KP vs. manual lamellar KP.

2.     Tamer EL Raggal, MD: Ultrathin DSAEK, tips for successful surgery.

3.     Mohamed Bahgat, MD: DMEK; a review of current devices for graft injection.

4.     Mouamen Seleet, MD: DALK step by step.


Symposium 2: Keratoconus Up to Date

Chair: Prof Osama Ibrahim, Prof Mervat EL Shabrway, Prof Tarek Radwan

1.     Osama Ibrahim , MD: CXL, what we have learnt in 10 years?

2.     Mohamed Hosny , MD: Decision making in keratoconus.

3.     Medhat Shawky , MD: Intracorneal implantation of complete rings in keratoconus.

4.     Tamer Gamaly , MD: Phakic IOLs for keratoconus .


Symposium 3:  Serious Corneal Conditions

Chair: Prof Saeed Gomaa,  Prof Elsayed Elewa, Prof Hussein El Nahhas

1.     Mahmoud Ismail, MD: Endothelial cell culture.

2.     Ahmed Atef , MD: Recent trends in management of squamous cell carcinoma of the cornea and conjunctiva.

3.     Sheriff Hosny , MD: Ex-vivo limbal stem cell culture in treatment of corneal burns.

4.     Alaa Geith , MD: Simple procedures for management of superficial corneal opacities.

5.     Alaa Gheith, MD: post keratoplasty glaucoma.

6.     Ihab Fahmy, MD: Corneal ulcer .. a battle you should win.


Session IX: Refractive Surgery

Debate: SMILE vs LASIK

 Moderated by Prof Mounir Khalifa, MD:

a.     Ahmed Sedky , MD: SMILE.

b.    Mohamed El Kateb , MD: LASIK

c.      Mounir Khalifa, MD: Comment.


Symposium: Targeting Excellency in Refractive Surgery

Chair persons: Prof Mounir Khallifa, Prof Karem Kolkela, Prof Mohamed Shafik

1.     Osama Ibrahim , MD: SMILE: seven years of success before FDA approval.

2.     M Shafik , MD: The best of two worlds; topography guided vs wave-front guided LVC.

3.     Motaz Sabry , MD: SMILE in children.

4.     Fathi Fawzy , MD: Transparent bubble layer (TBL) can be worse than opaque bubble layer (OBL) during flap creation with femto laser.

5.     Nermeen Refaat Ayaad , MD: Crying while smiling.

6.     Ahmed Ghoneim , MD: Difficult situations with ReLEx femto SMILE.

7.     Nader Fawzy , MD: Microcapillarity perfect alignment sign of lasik flap.

8.     Tamer Gamaly , MD: Kamra inlay for presbyopia.




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