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History of the AACO





                The Afro-Asian Council of Ophthalmology was established and based in Egypt since 1958. It is the oldest and well established Supranational Organizations concerned with the advances of ophthalmology in the Afro-Asian countries. Many of the African and Asian countries are represented in the council including Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, China, and Ukraine.

The council has organized seventeen Afro-Asian congresses in various Afro-Asian Countries over the past 52 years:


·        The first Meeting was held in Cairo, March, 1958

·        The second Congress was held in Tunisia, April, 1960,

·        The third Congress was held in Istanbul, May, 1964.

·        The 4th Congress took place in Beirut, Lebanon, September 1968.

·        The 5th Congress was held in Tokyo, Japan, July 1972.

·        The 6th Congress was held in Madras, India, January, 1976.

·        The 7th Congress took place in Tunisia, October, 1980.

·        The 8th Congress was held in Lahore, Pakistan, March, 1984. 

·        The 9th Congress was held in Cairo, Egypt, February, 1988.

·        The 10th Congress took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, July, 1992.

·        The 11th Congress took place in Beirut, Lebanon, June, 1996.

·        The 12th Congress was held in Canton, China, November 2000. 

·        The 13th Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey, May 2004.

·        The 14th Congress was held in Morocco, June 2007.

·        The 15th Congress was held in Kolkata, India January, 2010.

·        The 16th Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey, June 2012.

·        The 17th Congress was held in Xi'an, China, Sept 2014.

·        The 18th Congress was held in Cairo, Egypt, March 2016.

      The 19th Congress was held in Abuja, Nigeria, August 2018.


The Afro-Asian Council of Ophthalmology hopes to continue promoting the advancement of modern techniques on cataract surgery and laser therapy on a wide scale, to combat the major causes of blindness, namely cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment. Also training programs are organized to achieve these objectives.


Prof. Tarek Mamoun, MD, FRCS

General Secretary of AACO


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